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Welcome customers and HOPEFULLY potential customers.  We are glad you took the time to see whats new on our websites and to read what customers are saying about us!  Please check back often to see whats new and what information we can share with you. Dixie employees spend countless hours staying current on industry news, products, and services SO YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!   Dixie wants you to stay informed.  We have a saying here at Dixie, “An educated customer is a happy customer!”…We hope you agree.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions or post comments!


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  • Linda Bolinger:

    We have had Dixie services since 2002. We started out with Sentricon services for termite service. My husband searched the yellow pages for an estabished company that had been around for a long time. He did not want a service that was here today and gone tomorrow. Dixie was our choice. The termites are long gone, but we continue the service to make sure they do not come back. A year later (2003) we began pest control services. Our technician for pest services, Mark Howard, has been the best…during the no pests times and then the times I could not get rid of the flying moths from bird seed (it took about five months to get rid of them…with Mark’s help). Mark has recently been promoted within the company and we will certainly miss him. We wish him the best as he begans his new career path. Mark is passing on his spray can to Greg Hassett and we are pleased with his first visit. I do not want to leave out our technician for Senticon services….Alan Gayton, who has been our technican since 2008. All technicians are very knowledgeable and personable, which speaks volumes for a company that has been in business for almost 50 YEARS! THANK YOU DIXIE EXTERMINATORS FOR YOUR SERVICE TO US AND COBB COUNTY!
    Jim & Linda Bolinger – Customers since 2002

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