Termite Prevention Tips

Tips for outside

Maintain shrubs, mulch and other landscaping at least 2 feet from the foundation.

Keep wooden fences, planter boxes and other wood items at least 2 feet from the foundation.

Stack firewood and scrap lumber well away from the building.

If you keep firewood outside your house during the winter, keep it raised off of the ground.

Make sure soil is at least 6 inches away from the bottom of stucco or other siding and from wood steps, lattice work and door frames.

Remove infested trees and stumps.

Seal all cracks and holes in your home’s foundation, which may provide a handy access point for termites

Tips for inside

Keep crawl spaces and basements clear of wood debris, newspapers and excess moisture.

Ventilate crawl spaces and attics to reduce humidity.

Cover at least 90% of the soil in crawl spaces with plastic sheeting.

Keep an eye open for mud tubes, discarded termite wings and other signs of activity.

Tips for managing moisture

Repair leaking faucets and water lines, both indoors and outdoors.

Place sprinkler heads more than 2 feet from the foundation and make sure they don’t wet the walls.

Move mulch away from the foundation.

Divert air-conditioner condensation, sump discharge and other water away from the foundation.

Slope soil away from the house so surface water drains easily.

Clean gutters and downspouts and keep splash blocks in place.

Tips for remodeling

If you’re adding a room or deck to your home, make sure the lumber has been

treated to discourage termites.

Never bury wood scraps or forms in backfill.

Tips for Preventing Ants and Other Pests

Tips for Inside

Clean up spilled food and beverages.

Diligently take out the trash.

Rinse out jars and containers before you place them in trash cans and recycling bins.

Pick up and store your pet’s food before going to bed.

Tips for Outside:

Seal doors and windows.

Keep rain gutters clean to prevent moisture inside walls.

Trim trees and shrubs away from your house; ants can use limbs as “bridges” to gain access.

Put firewood up off the ground and away from your house.

Ants v. Termites

Image that you notice a swarm of little, winged insects next to the front porch. They could be a swarm of termites ready to devour your ornate railing, or they could be run-of-the-mill nuisance ants. How do you tell the difference?

Termites Ants
Termites swarm above ground only once or twice a year Ants swarm throughout the year
The body of a termite is 3/8” long. Ant bodies will vary in size depending on species
Termites have four wings of equal size Ants have two small wings and two large wings
Termites have straight antennae Ants have elbowed antennae
Termites have a straight waist Ants have a pinched waste

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