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Protect your homes and your reputation with Termidor.

Termites cause over $5 billion worth of property damage every year and constitute one of the biggest threats the homes you build will ever face. The threat they pose to your business is no less significant. That’s because just a few termite “problem” homes can make a meal out of your hard-earned reputation.

A pre-construction termite treatment can prevent termites from damaging the homes you build and your reputation. And there’s no better product in existence to provide that protection than Termidor® termiticide/insecticide. Why? How? What makes it worth the investment? Read on.

What is Termidor?

Termidor is America’s #1 termite defense product, completely eliminating termite populations faster than any other termite defense product in existence.

Termidor is a pre- and post-construction liquid termite defense product applied by trained, licensed pest professionals. Since its launch in 2000, pest professionals have relied on Termidor over all other products to successfully defend over 4 million homes against termites.

Why should homebuilders choose Termidor for pre-construction termite control?

Although pre-construction termite treatments have generally been price-driven, today more pest professionals than ever are working with homebuilders to use premium products like Termidor for pre-construction termite prevention. Many custom and upscale homebuilders view a premium termite defense treatment like any other premium accessory or appliance installed in a home and are marketing it to homebuyers as a valuable property enhancement.

Builders are also recognizing that even a few “problem” termite homes can seriously damage their reputations, and, consequently, they appreciate the value of using the best termite defense product.

How do Termidor and BASF support the building industry?

BASF supports builder partners who use Termidor for pre-construction termite defense with extensive consumer marketing to generate brand awareness and demand.

Termidor consumer marketing support includes extensive television advertising, on a national level, as well as in key termite markets across the U.S. BASF also continues to support Termidor through ground-breaking public relations efforts, garnering national and local media coverage of termites, the damage they cause and how homeowners can prevent them.

And all of these efforts encourage current and future homeowners to “Ask your pest professional or builder for Termidor.”

What can homebuilders do to ensure new homes are protected from termites?

Work with your pest control partners to ensure that Termidor is applied during the construction of a home as part of a normal preventative termite treatment.

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