Claim Victory Over Pests

Pests are more than just unsightly nuisances that plague your yard, patio, or kitchen counters (among other places). Pests can also pose a real danger to your home or business by causing painful bites, allergic reactions, and unsanitary conditions. In the case of business owners, even a single pest sighting can drive away customers.

Dixie relies on extensive experience and knowledge of local species – insects, critters, and nuisance animals alike – to provide the most targeted, reliable solutions for your pest problems. And with our DEPP Pest Management Program and monthly or quarterly treatments, you can count on a continuous, pest-free environment year-round.

If you see signs of pest activity, suspect you might be at risk, or just want to safeguard your property, please fill out the free quote form on the right of your screen to see how Dixie can help protect yo  u. After submitting your information, a friendly Dixie representative will be in touch within 24 to give you an estimate. Or if you prefer, feel free to call us directly at 770-424-1300.

When you decide to move forward, one of our highly trained specialists will visit your property for a thorough inspection, identifying trouble spots and gauging the extent of the problem. We will then work with you to plan a customized treatment program to best suit your needs and circumstances.

We make it easier from then on out:

  • A Dixie Exterminators, Inc. Technician will contact you and/or leave a message in time for you to change the appointment, if not convenient, prior to subsequent visits.
  • After each treatment. a notice Will be left behind telling you the application was completed, what insects were controlled and what materials were used.
  • On the work order there will be a telephone number to call if you have any questions or concerns about our visit. We believe this to be the easiest, most convenient way for our customers. We use only the most effective pest control products designed to eliminate many pests in just minutes but continue working for a very long time. Best of all there is no annoying odor bothering you. your family, or pets.
  • We help to correct housekeeping, sanitation, and structural issues conducive to pest infestation by calling it to your attention promptly. We can provide you with an estimate to eliminate many of these structural issues if you prefer.
  • We block off pathways of access for pest by sealing, caulking and screening points of pest entry into your home or office
  • We treat the places of origin for pets with environmentally responsible baits and dusts. By focusing on these 3 elements of pest control, Dixie Exterminators’ pest prevention can promise that the days of having pesticides indiscriminately applied inside your home or office are over.


  • We do a thorough initial treatment inside. outside. underneath, or in the basement.
  • If for any reason, you develop an inside infestation, contact a customer service representative at Dixie Exterminators, Inc. Your technician will be made aware of it.
  • The Technician will call to schedule an appointment to perform service inside at no additional cost as often as it takes to control the problem.
  • For your convenience, you may use our communication envelope to tell us if you have any problems inside, where and what the problem is. You may leave a key inside the envelope and we will take care of it immediately along with your perimeter treatment. Your total satisfaction. convenience and comfort are our goal!

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